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Danse Des Foins

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Danse Des Foins

1.  Allons, mes homm's, allons faucher ( x 3)

    Depechez-vous lan tireli relire
    Depechez-vous, i' va mouiller

2.  Allons, mes fill's, allons faner

3.  Allons, mes fill's, allons rat'ler

4.  Alons, mes homm's, allons serrer.

(Come on men, let's mow)
(Hurry up, it's going to rain)
(Come on girls, let's turn over the hay to dry)
(Come on, girls, let's rake)
(Come on men, let's stack [the hay])

     from the singing of Henri-Louis Poulin,
Beauceville, Beauce, to Marc Gagne, September 1971,
recorded on "C'est dans la nouvelle France" JB

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