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Children of Darkness

Children of Darkness

(E) C F C / C F C / C Am / Dm G / C F C / C F C

Now is the time for your loving, dear,
And the time for your company
Now when the light of reason fails
And fires burn on the sea
Now in this age of confusion
I have need for your company.

It's once I was free to go roaming in
The wind of the springtime mind
It's once the clouds I sailed upon
Were sweet as lilac wine
So why are the breezes of summer, dear
Enlaced with a grim design?

And where was the will of my father when
We raised our swords on high?
And where was my mother's wailing when
Our flags were justified?
And where will we take our pleasures when
Our bodies have been denied?

For I am a wild and a lonely child
And the child of an angry man
Now with the high wars raging
I would offer you my hand
For we are the children of darkness
And the prey of a proud, proud land.


Words and music by Richard Farina, copyright Whitmark and Sons.

Recorded on Richard and Mimi's Reflections of a Crystal Wind


Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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