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Dark Old Waters

Dark Old Waters
(Gordon Bok)

Don't be thinking of me,
  All away and alone,
On the rolling old sea,
  On the foreign ground,
For I laid your keel and that's dandy for me,
  On the dark old waters,
  All alone.

     Where you go, go well,
     And a fair wind home.


Don't be thinking of me
On the rolling old sea,
For I raised your frame and that's bully for me...
And where will you go
With your rail dipping low?
And where you may wander there's none can know...

Don't be thinking of me
On the rolling old sea,
For I hung your canvas and sent you to sea...

And where will you be
When the winter comes nigh?
And where will you be when I'm thinking of thee?

And how stands the wind?
Will he come as a friend
And keep you from dangers that lie off the land?

And how stand the stars
In the whispering dark?
May they guide you and bless you and the seas you sail on
Oh, where will you bide
At the end of your ride,
And who'll sing you songs when I'm not at your side?

Copyright Gordon Bok
Note: Written for a film documentary of the schooner John F.
Recorded by Bok, Muir, Trickett, Folk-Legacy FSI-80

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