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Davy Crockett [Parody]

Davy Crockett [Parody]

     Born in a tenement at Gorbals Cross,
     Of all the Teddy boys he was the boss,
     Got him a slasher five feet wide,
     Chopped up his mother and dumped her in the Clyde.
        Davy Crewcut, Davy Crewcut,
        King of the Teddy boy gang.

     Opies Lore 120: "Very similar versions, Glasgow and
     Edinburgh, May 1956; Perth, January 1957; Brentwood,
     July 1957."
Cf. another similar text in Dorothy K.  Haynes, "They Sing in
the Evening" (on songs in a girls' orphanage), Saltire Review
V. no. 15 (Summer 1958), 30-36; differences are: 1.1 in
Bothwell Cross 1.3-4 Had a razor six feet wide,/ Slashed all
his victims and threw them in the Clyde. (Chorus omitted.)
The Walt Disney film Davy Crockett, King of the Wild
Frontier, of whose theme song this is a parody, was released
2 April 1956.

note: In the eastern US they were singing:
     "Betty, Betty Crocker
     Queen of the A & P"   RG


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