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Another Day in the Life

Another Day in the Life

I got my grades today, oh, boy.
I never saw so many F's before.
And now my cum is rather low.
But I just cannot laugh
'Cause I just felt a draft.

I've got to study soon, I know
But there are many other things to do.
And physics doesn't turn me on.
But learning has its place
If you feed your head with chemistry
Knowledge can expand your mind
I'd love to tool, tool, tool.

Woke up, fell out of bed
Not much sleep, my eyes are red
Got my Commons meal, I ate it quick
And feeling sick, I noticed I was late.

Grabbed my coat, forgot my book,
Hurried on, no time to look,
Went to class, and started taking notes
Professor spoke, and I fell into a sleep.

I took a quiz today, oh, boy.
How many blades of grass are on Brigg's Field?
And though my answer was too low,
It's always good to know
There are forty million, seven thousand,
Sixty-nine point 0.
I love to tool, tool, tool.


Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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