Digital Tradition Mirror


(Tom Lewis)

Inside every sailor, You'll find a young man
Itchin' to get to sea, soon as he can
To see all them pretty girls, dusky and brown
And to get far away from his boring home town (repeat last line)

Inside every sailor's heart, You'll find a girl
Who is constant and true, She's a jewel, a pearl
But she's like every other girl, happy or sad
It's just this one's in love with a wanderin' lad (rpt line)

Inside every kind of ship, black, green, or gray
There are men with their eyes fixed on things far away
Beyond the horizon, ahead or behind
Will the dream that they're searchin' for be what they find
     (rpt last line)

Inside every sailor, You'll find an old man
With rose colored memories of where he began
Where he dreamed of pretty girls, dusky and brown
Now he longs to get back to his borin' home town

Copyright Tom Lewis
from his album "surfacing"  Self Propelled music, Salmo, B.C.

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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