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Auld Wife

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Auld Wife

"Auld wife, auld wife,
  Will ye go a-shearing?"
"Speak a little louder, sir,
  I'm unco dull o' hearing."

"Auld wife, auld wife,
  Wad ye tak a kiss?"
"Yes, indeed, I will, sir;
  It wadna be amiss."

"Auld wifie! auld wifie!
  Ye maun gang a-shearin'."
"Speak a little looder, sir,
  I'm unco dull o' hearin'."

"Auld wifie! auld wifie!
  I'm gaun to kiss ye!"
"That's a hantle looder, sir,
  May a' the warld bless you!"

(1) Chambers PRS (1847), 290; (1870), 158; Montgomerie
SNR (1946), 119 (no. 149).  The first stanza to be spoken
in a loud voice, the second quite quietly.
(2) Rymour Club Misc. I (1906-11), 178, from Speymouth.
(2 couplets.)
A version of st. 1 from Argyll, in Maclagan (1901), 254: Auld
wife, auld wife, are you gaun a shearing?/ Speak a wee thing
looder, I'm a wee dull o' hearing.
[See Herd MSS, 1776; ODNR 429, No. 536.]


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