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The Derby Ram (Sailor's)

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The Derby Ram (Sailor's)

As I was going to Derby, 'twas on a market day
I met the finest ram, sirs, that ever was fed upon hay
     That's a lie, that's a lie
     That's a lie, a lie, a lie!

This ram and I got drunk, sir, as drunk as drunk could be,
And when we sobered up, sir, we were far away out on the sea.

This wonderful old ram, sir, was playful as a kid;
He swallowed the captain's spyglass along with the bo'sun's fid.

One morning on the poop, sir, before eight bells was rung,
He grabbed the captain's sextant and took a shot at the sun.

One night 'twas wet and rough, sir, and the wind was blowing keen
He borrowed my suit of oilskins and he took nmy trick at the wheel

The butcher who killed this ram, sir, was up to his knees in blood
And the boy who told the tale, sir, was carried away with the flood

The crew of the Vencedora* are handsome, strong and brave,
The smartest lot of sailors that ever sailed over the wave!

*pick a boat. Any boat. RG
From Roll and Go, Colcord
DT #312

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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