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The Derby Ram (4)

The Derby Ram (4)

There was a ram of Derbyshire
That had two horns of brass,
The one grew out of his head, sir
The other grew out of his ____.

When the ram was young, sir
It had a nasty trick,
Of jumping over a five-barred gate
And landing on his ____

When the ram was old, sir
They put it in a truck.
And all the girls of Derbyshire
Came out to have a ___

When the ram was dead, sir,
They buried it in St. Paul's.
It took twelve men and a donkey cart
To carry away its ___

The man that owned this ram, sir
He was very rich.
But the man who sang this song, sir
Is a lying son-of-a-___

A servicible chorus is the one often put to the sanitized

cho: And indeed, sir, and it's true, sir
     I never was given to lie.
     Just ask the girls of Derbyshire
     They'll tell you the same as I.

First four verses from Why Was He Born So Beautiful (Rugby

DT #312

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