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The Derby Ram (6)

The Derby Ram (6)

There was a ram of Derbyshire
That had two horns of brass,
The one grew out of its head, sir,
The other grew out of its ****.

When the ram was young, sir,
It had a nasty trick
Of jumping over a five-barred gate
And landing on its *****.

When the ram was old, sir,
They put it in a truck
And all the girls of Derbyshire
Came out to have a ****.

When the ram was dead, sir,
They buried it in St. Paul's,
It took twelve men and a donkey cart
To carry away its *****.

Note: Yours is not necessarily a degenerate version. It may reflect the original
The structure of the song makes off-color verses a natural addition.
Likely, some were composed no more than 1 hour later (& possibly earlier)
than the parlor-able ones.  AL Lloyd's standard last verse:

The man that owned this ram, sir,
I'm told was mighty rich
But the man that sang this sing, sir
Was a lying son of a *****.

From Why Was He Born So Beautiful
DT #312

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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