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Desperado (2)

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Desperado (2)

He was a desperado from the wild and woolly West,
He came into Chicago just to give the West a rest.
He wore a big sombrero and a gun beneath his
And everywhere he went he gave his war whoop.

cho: He was a brave, bold, man and a desperado,
     From Cripple Creek, way down in Colorado,
     And he walked around like a big tornado,
     And everywhere he went he gave his war whoop!

He went to Coney Island just to take in all the sights,
He saw the hootchie-kootchie and the girls dressed up in tights
He got so darned excited that he shot out all the lights,
And everywhere he went he gave his war whoop.

A great big fat policeman was a-walking down his beat,
He saw this desperado come a-walking down the street.
He grabbed him by the whiskers, and he grabbed him by the seat
And threw him where he wouldn't give his war whoop.

From IOCA Song Book, Best & BEST

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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