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The Devil at York Minster

The Devil at York Minster
( Tim Brooks)

The North Wind blew across Wealdon Moor,
     All on a winters day,
And he met with the Devil who was there before,
     So the Folks all say.

Well there they met and there they talked,
Said the Devil let's away to the City of York.

We'll travel the streets and the houses through,
To frighten the people and the clergymen too.

So the Wind and the Devil they set off at speed,
Never thought to the outcome of their wicked deed.

O'er forest and field they travelled so far,
'Til they flew through the gates at Micklegate Bar.

Then all of a sudden the Devil stopped short,
And cried what's this that the people have wrought.

It's a church said the Wind with a great west door,
And it's called The York Minster of that I'm sure.

Well a curse on your churches the Devil he cried,
Are you coming with me for I'm going inside.

Not I said the Wind for I carry no doubt,
That if I went in there I'd never get out.

The Devil he laughed and the Devil he scorned,
Saying you wait here I'll be back before dawn.

So the Wind he stayed round that door blew about,
Day after day, devil never came out.

Now if you stand by that great west door,
You'll not tarry long of that I'm sure.

Around that door a great wind blows about,
As he waits for the Devil who never came out.

copyright Tim Brooks. Used by permission
From singing of Johnny Collins

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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