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Diamond Joe

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Diamond Joe

Old Diamond Joe was a rich old jay,
With lots of cowboys in his pay;
He rode the range with his cowboy band,
And many a mav'rick got his brand.

cho: Roll on, boys, roll, don't you roll so slow,
     Roll on, boys, roll, don't you roll so slow,
     Ki-o-ho-ho, ki-o-ho-ho,
     You roll like cattle never rolled before

I am a pore cowboy, I've got no home,
I'm here today and tomorrow I'm gone;
I've got no folks, I'm forced to roam,
Where I hang my hat is home, sweet home.

If I was as rich as Diamond Joe,
I'd work today and I'd work no mo';
For they work me so hard and they pay so slow
I don't give a durn if I work or no.

I left my gal in a Texas shack,
And told her I was a-coming back;
But I lost at cards, then got in jail,
Then found myself on the Chisholm Trail.

I'll stay with the herd till they reach the end,
Then I'll draw my time and blow it in;
Just one more spree and one more jail,
Then I'll head right back on the lonesome trail.

I'll cross old Red at the Texas line,
And head straight back to that gal of mine;
I'll sit in the shade and sing my song,
And watch the herds as they move along.

When my summons come to leave this world,
I'll say good-by to my little girl;
I'll fold my hands when I have to go,
And say farewell to Diamond Joe.

From Our Singing Country, Lomax

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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