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Haben a Boo and a Banner

Haben a Boo and a Banner

Oh my father was hanged for sheep stealin' [father- long a]
My mither was brunt [sic] as a witch
Sure my sister's a bawdy-hoose keeper
An mysel,I'm a son o' a bitch
 Wi' a haben a boo and a banna
 An a haben a boo an a bay
 Wi' ma haben a boo an a banna
 Mink a toodle lie oodle lie a  [Mink or Link?]

Oh my grannie she farted a fyken
Will I ha' a feast or a fash
Oh my sister's come doon the stairs drapen[?]
Nay a deil of a coat to her ass
  Wi' a &c.

When I was a cobbler in London
And lived in the Royal Exchange
Oh I charg'd[?] my ladies commission
There I rested my rosey behind  [behind-short i]
  Wi' a &c.

When I was a drapper in London
All the ladies came into my shop
O she asked me for three yards of linen
And I gave her three yards of my
  Wi' a &c

When I was a young man in London
And lived at the back of the bucks
Oh I['m fine?] [?] every morning
To learn young ladies to
  Wi' a &c.

When I was a hedger and ditcher
And up to my knees in snaw
Oh the deil took haud of my ballocks
And swore he waud rug them awa'
  Wi' a  &c.

From Arthur Argo's recording, Prestige/ International 13048
Side B, No.2. Perhaps some once can fill in or correct the [?] in
my transcription.

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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