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Diddle 'em Darby

Diddle 'em Darby
(Kipper Family)

Well, Darby is me name, sir.
I've travelled the country round.
I never takes a penny
When I can take a pound, singin'

I diddled 'em, Darby,
I diddled 'em all.
I diddled 'em Darby,
I diddled 'em great and small.

Well, when I kept an inn, sir
I had a merry time.
I watered all the beer, sir
And likewise with the wine, singin'

For, beer, it makes you healthy
And water makes you hale.
I did them all a kindness
By serving Adam's ale, singin'

When I kept the shop, sir
I kept me message short.
I had to keep me customers
From eating more than they ought, singin'

I charged them double prices
And kept it in the tin.
For money's the root of evil and so
I saved them all from sin, singin'

Well once I rode a stage coach
And never paid me fare.
I jumped down from the box, sir
When we was nearly there, singin'

The horses were so tired, sir
From pullin' their heavy load
I did them all a kindness
By jumping in the road, singin'

Well, now me song is ended
And every word is true,
And if you believe me
Then I've diddled you, singin'

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Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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