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Different Therefore Equal

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Different Therefore Equal
(Peggy Seeger)

1.  Is a father better than a mother?
    Is a sister better than a brother?
    One's concave, one's convex
    Does that make one sex better than the other?

2.  Ajax' shoulders moved boulders
    Helen's hips launched ships
    Opposites favour their opposite's neighbour
    Adam and Eve are fish and chips.

3.  The world needs us, so the world breeds us
    From the ant and the elephant to the little rhesus monkey
    Every creature from the anteater
    To the mooses has its uses.

       Is black better than white? Day better than night?
       Without either, there'd be neither!

4.  Some weemens try to be she-mens
    Then say that he-mens are worse than demons.
    Nature gives us equal chances
    But to git 'em you shouldn't have to wear pantses.

5.  We're not like moles, does or rabbits,
    We should control our social habits
    And things that turn us against each other
    And don't learn us to be sister and brother.

6.  If her and him are indispensable,
    Treatin' 'em similar is only sensible
    Reason gives us the logical sequel -
    We're different, therefore equal.

by Peggy Seeger, New City Songster 15, 1979,
     and on her rec. "Different Therefore Equal"
Copyright Ewan MacColl Ltd.

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