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Dinkie Die

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Dinkie Die

He went up to London and straightaway strode
To Army Headquarters on Horsefeather Road;
To see how the buggers were dodgin' the gaff
By gettin' soft jobs on the Headquarters Staff.

cho: Dinkie Die, dinkie dinkie die
     Dinkie Die, dinkie dinkie die
     By getting soft jobs on the Headquarters Staff *

A lousy lance corporal says, cool as you please,
"There's mud on your tunic and blood on your sleeve.
If you think you're a soldier, you're making me laugh."
Says this lousy lance corporal on the Headquarters Staff.

The digger just shot him a murderous glance
Says he, "I'm just back from the shellholes of France,
Where whiz-bangs are flying, and comforts are few
And brave men are dying for bastards like you."

"We're bombed on the left and we're bombed on the right,
We're shelled all the day and we're shelled half the night
And if something ain't done, and that done mighty soon
There'll be nobody left in the bloody platoon."

The matter soon came to the ears of Lord Gort
Who gave to the matter a great deal of thought;
And awarded the digger a V.C. and two bars
For giving the lance corporal a kick in the arse.

*last line of chorus is same as last line of preceding verse.


Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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