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Dirty Socks

Dirty Socks
(Eric Traplin)

Oh my big brother works on the farm, bailing straw and hay,
Wearing rubber boots! He works in them all day.
Then at night when he comes home, he puts his socks away,
Puts them in a plastic bag. It's enough to make you gag!

Now, early next morning he takes his socks and puts them on again.
I don't know how he stands the smell. His nose must be made of tin.
Then he puts them in his rubber boots, and with a great big grin,
'Cause by week's end, they're dirty and stiff, and he'll make me take a whiff!

(Chorus:) Don't make me smell your dirty socks, you've been wearing them all wee
The only thing that could smell worse is your dirty feet.
You said you'd take me to a show if I'd just smell your sock,
But I'm afraid that if I did that I'd be in a state of shock!

From Eric Traplin's tape, "My Attic Door."

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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