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Dirty Old Man (2)

Dirty Old Man (2)

 Copyright: Bob Ruzicka

 Well, an old man stood on the corner,
 Watching young folks come his way;
 And their smiling, youthful faces
 Prompted that old man to say;
 "How ya' doin' kids? You're lookin' good,
 Sure is a hell of a day."
 But they just stared and looked him up and down,
 And walked upon their way.
 Well, he shook his head
 And ran his fingers through his hair so grey;
 And as those kids walked down the street,
 They heard that old man say:

 1 Well I've [F] been around for eight summers
 [Bb] Some were winners and some were bummers,
 I've [F] loved them all. [Bb]
 Once I [F] was young and full of fun, Like you had a mil-
 [Bb] -lion dreams and some came true,
 Ya can't [F] win 'em all.

 Now I'm old [C] and tired, bent and busted.
 I'm [Bb] grey and old and I can't be trusted,
 Just a [F] dirty old man. [Bb] [F]

 2 When I look back on my younger years
 I shared your hopes, I shared your fears,
 Yeah, I made that scene.
 My parents never understood
 And I never thought that they ever would
 You know what I mean.


 3 Well I've done some livin' in this life of mine,
 I laughed and I loved in the summertime
 I remember it well.
 There were lips to kiss and hands to hold
 And I never thought that I'd get very old,
 But here I am.


 4 But you just wait fifty years or so
 You'll be standing on the corner with no place to go
 Just looking around.
 And if some young folks pass you by
 Don't say hello, don't even wave "hi"
 They'll just put you down.

 Last chorus (sing twice)
 Cause you're old and tired, bent and busted,
 You're grey and old and you can't be trusted,
 Just a dirty old man.


Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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