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Disguised Sailor

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Disguised Sailor

It's of a rich merchant, I can't call his name
He had but one daughter and a daughter of fame
She courted a great many but slighted them all
For the sake of a sailor both handsome and tall.

Her cruel old father mistrusted the joke
He sent for his daughter for her to rebout
"Oh daughter, dear daughter, can't you make a better choice
Than to wed woth a sailor your friends to disgrace."

"Oh father, dear father, I`ve made up my mind,
To wed with a sailor or my life I'll destroy,
 For he is my fancy and I'll be his dear,
There's none in this wide world that with me share. "

"Oh daughter, dear daughter, since there's none in this world,
Since there's none in this wide world but a sailor you love,
Keep it as a secret and say nothing to me,
And when all things are ready it's married you'll be.'.

The day was appointed that this couple should wed,
Everything was got ready and nothing was said,
But instead of a wedding was a sorrowful day
For her cruel old father had him pressed to sea.

She cut off her long locks and dressed in men's clothes
And over the ocean like a sailor she goes;
She had not long been sailing, when it fell to her lot
To be shipmates with her true love though she knew him not.

As I was sailing o'er the wide raging main
I heard a young couple in sorrow complain SaSing,'I
Once I had a sweetheart as you may plainly see
But her cruel old father has him pressed to sea. "

"I am a young sailor brought up from my tent,
I can tell people's fortunes sometimes now and then,
Come draw out your age and I'll cast out your lot
To see if you'll gain your true love or not. "

She drew out her age from the day of her birth,
He told her, her fortune with joy and great mirth,
And into his arms like lightening she flew,
"All this my dear jewel have I done for you.''

The captain being forward mistrusted the joke,
He sent for the dickens with a tall hat and cloak
And had this couple married before the ship's crew,
In spite of her old daddy and all he could do.

DT #742
Laws N6

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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