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Don't Ask What a River is for

Don't Ask What a River is for
(Pete Seeger)

       D      A7    D
On the Oregon-Idaho border
                   A7        D
You can find a big trickling stream
               A7         D
They call her "Old Hell's Canyon"
       C                   G
But to me she's a heavenly dream

            D             G         D
     Come a rink-a-tink a-tink-tink bubbling on
                      A7       D
     Don't ask what a river is for
                          G           D
     Come a rink-a-tink I think for a million years
                     A7      D
     Let's ask for a million more

Oh, the farmers down about Lewiston
They say, "What a terrible waste
That water sure could grow good crops"
We say "Don't be in such haste"


And the power boys over in Portland Town say
"We need electricity"
But you damned the Snake ten times already
Why don't you let the rest stay free?


And the power boys over in Idaho say
"Oh, what a terrible waste"
We say "Take a trip to the Pentagon
If you like to do somethin' 'bout waste"


So come along to the Idaho border
Be you black or brown or just tanned
Take a trip on the old white water
And be glad for a beautiful land


copyright Pete Seeger

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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