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Dainty Davie (2)

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Dainty Davie (2)

It was in and through the window broads,
And all the tirliewirlies o'd
The sweetest kiss that e'er I got
Was from my dainty Davie.

cho: O, leeze me on your curly pow
     Dainty Davie, dainty Davie,
     Leeze me on your curly pow,
     My aim dainty Davie.

It was down amang my daddy's pease,
And underneath the cherry trees;
O there he kist me as he pleased,
For he was mine ain dear Davie.

When he was chased by a dragoon,
Into my bed he was laid doon,
I thought him worthy o' his room,
And he's ay my dainty Davie.

From Folksongs and Ballads of Scotland, MacColl
Note: The Rev. David Williamson (xx-1706) is said to be the
     original dainty Davie. When fleeing from  pursuing
     dragoons, he hid in the bed of the daughter of the
     Laird of Cherrytrees. This apparently worked out well,
     since they were later married. RG

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