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When a Dog Smiles

When a Dog Smiles
(Mark Cohen)

    When a dog smiles, he smiles all over
    Big dog, little dog, brown or black
    Wags his tail and then he rolls over
    Give a dog love and you'll always get it back

I've got a dog named Bumblebee
She's the prettiest dog that you ever did see
Her ears are pretty big and her legs are pretty small
But she comes pretty fast whenever I call

My dog Romeo loves to play
He could chase a ball or a stick all day
Only one thing that'll make him stop:
Take a can of dog food and open up the top!

Grandpa has a dog called Mr. Blue
There's not a lot of stuff that he likes to do
He sits on the couch when they watch TV
And I always like to pet him when he's sitting next to me

My dog King got lost last week
Mr. Johnson found him down by the creek
He was mighty wet and his feet were sore
Now Daddy fixed the fence so he won't do it any more

My friend Jim has a dog named Free
She's a real special dog cause she helps him see
Anywhere Jim goes, Free goes too

Copyright 1985 Mark Cohen

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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