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Doing My Job

Doing My Job
(John McCutcheon)

It was one for the ages,
One you just had to see
So we sat on the sofa,
My two kids and I
And we watched on TV,
It was in the fifth inning
The game it had to be stopped
The whole ballpark went nuts
When the number was dropped
My kids they clapped and they hollered
Me, I choked up with tears
Thinking back on the grace,
He brought to that place
For over thirteen years
And as he stood in the spotlight
He looked so awkward and shy
When they asked him to say a few words on that day
This was his reply.

cho:      "I'm only doing my job,
     Like folks everywhere
     Where I come from,
     It's just how things are done
     Doing my share,
     I did not love every part
     Still I don't think it odd,
     Give your best
     And to hell with the rest,
     Doing my job"

She gets up every morning,
Gets the kids out the door
Then it's carpool and shop,
Vacuum and mop
Until they're back home at four
Then it's supper and homework
Until they're all tucked away
It's a kiss and goodnight,
And you turn out the light
For the four thousandth day.

We deliver the mail,
We grow all the crops
We teach in the schools,
We put out the fires
And we clerk in the shops
We enter the data,
We build the bridges and roads
We show up every day,
We work for our pay
We carry the loads.

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