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I Wish They'd Do It Now

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I Wish They'd Do It Now

I was born of Geordy parents one day when I was young
That's how the Geordy language became my native tongue
That I was a pretty baby, my mother she would vow
The girls all ran to kiss me, well I wish they'd do it now

  Oh, I wish they'd do it now, oh, I wish they'd do it now
  I've got itches in me britches and I wish they'd do it now

Well when I was only six months old, the girls would handle me
They'd clutch me to their bosoms and they'd bounce me on their
They would rock me in the cradle and if I make a row
They'd tickle me, they'd cuddle me, I wish they'd do it now

At sixteen months as fine a lad as ever could be seen
The girls all liked to follow me right down to the green
They'd make a chain of buttercups and drop it on my brow
Then they'd roll me in the clover, well I wish they'd do it now

Well the Eastern girls would go with me to swim when it was mild
Down to the river we would go and splash about a while
They'd throw the water over me, duck me like a cow
Then they'd rub me nice all over, oh, I wish they'd do it now

Well its awful lonely for a lad to live a single life
I think I'll go down to the dance tonight and find meself a wife
Oh I have got six brindled pigs, likewise one fat sow
There'll be plenty love and bacon for the girl who'll love me now

from the singing of John and Tony on Spencer the Rover

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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