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Dolly's Brae

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Dolly's Brae

'Twas on the twelfth day of July in the year of '49
Ten hundreds of our Orangemen together did combine,
In the memory of King William, on that bright and glorious day
To walk all round Lord Roden's park, and right over Dolly's Brae.

And when we came to Westbridge, wasn't that a glorious sight
To see so many Orangemen all willing for to fight,
To march all round the old remains, the music so sweetly did play,
And the tune we played was "The Protestant Boys" right over Dolly's Brae.

And as we walked along the road not fearing any harm,
Our guns all over our shoulders, and our broadswords in our hands,
Until two priests came up to us, and to Mr. Speers did say,
"Come, turn your men the other road, and don't cross Dolly's Brae.

Then out bespeaks our Orangemen, "Indeed we won't delay,
You have your men all gathered and in a manger lay.
Begone, begone, you Papist dogs, we'll conquer or we'll die
And we'll let you see we're not afraid to cross over Dolly's Brae.

And when we came to Dolly's Brae they were lined on every side
Praying for the Virgin Mary to be their holy guide;
We loosened our guns upon them and we gave them no time to pray,
And the tune we played was "The Protestant Boys" right over Dolly's Brae.

The priest he came, his hands he wrung, saying, "My brave boys, you're
Some holy water I'll prepare, to sprinkle on your heads,"
The Pope of Rome he did disown, his heart was grieveful sore,
And the Orange cry, as we passed by, was "Dolly's Brae no more!"

Come all ye blind-led Papists, wherever that ye be,
Never bow down to priest or Pope, for them they will disown;
Never bow down to images, for God (you must) adore,
Come, join our Orange heroes, and cry "Dolly's Brae no more".

There was a damsel among them all, and one we shall adore,
For she wore the Orange around her head and cried "Dolly's Brae no more!"
And if they ever come back again, we'll give them ten times more,
And we'll christen this "King William's Bridge", and cry "Dolly's Brae no

From The Voice of the People, Mulcahy and Fitzgibbons
Note: Dolly's Brae is a pass in County Down. The song refers to a fight
     between Orangemen and Ribbonmen. M & F

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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