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Please Don't Bury Me

Please Don't Bury Me
(John Prine)

[E]Woke up this morning, [A]put on my slippers
[E]Walked in the kitchen and [B7]died
And [E]Oh! what a feeling when my [A] soul went through the ceiling
And [E]on off into [B7]Heaven I did [E]rise.

When I got [A]there, they did say - John, it [E]happend this-a-way
You slipped upon the floor and hit your [B7]head
And [E]all the Angels say, just be[A]-fore you passed away
These [E]were the very [B7]last words that you [E]said.
[A]Please don't bury me down in [E]the cold, cold ground
No, I'm gonna have 'em cut me up and pass me all a-[B7]round
[E]Throw my brain in a hurricane and the [A]blind can have my [E]eyes
And the [A]deaf can take [E]both of my ears if [B7]they don't mind the [E]size.

[E]Give my stomach to Milwaukee if [A]they run out of [E]beer
Put my sox in a cedar box just [F#]get 'em out of [B7]here
[E]Venus De Milo can have my arms, [A]look out, I've got your [E]nose
[A]Sell my heart to the [E]junkman and [B7]give my love to [E]Rose. But;
[E]Give my feet to the footloose, [A]careless, fancy [E]free
Give my knees to the needy, don't [F#]pull that stuff on [B7]me
[E]Hand me down my walking cane, it's a [A]sin to tell a [E]lie
[A]Send my mouth [E]way down south and [B7]kiss my ass good-[E]bye. But;

Copyright John Prine


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