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You Don't Know Me (2)

You Don't Know Me (2)

 I saw a shirt today,
 But it was not on sale.
 I liked the style and fit,
 But I don't buy retail.
 I know you thought I would,
 That outfit sure looked good,
 But you don't know me!

 Oh, you don't know the one
 Who goes to Shop n Save,
 Who haunts the Goodwill store
 'Cause I'm no Nordstrom slave.
 And yet I'm looking great,
 Though several seasons late,
 And you don't know me!

 Oh,  I never shop downtown or at the mall
 To second-hand stores I go.
 Oh, I never mind the little stains I find,
 As long as they don't show!

 You look me up and down,
 And say I'm lookin' good,
 And then you go and shop
 In stores I never would.
 Cheap 's not a word I speak,
 But I'm so tight I squeak,
 And you don't know me!

 (as not sung by Ray Charles)
 (c)2000 Joe Weihe & Taylor Jay

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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