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Don't Let the Sunshine Fool You

Don't Let the Sunshine Fool You
(Guy Clarke)

Now me and this friend named Streetlife Brown,
We got a bottle of red and walked uptown
And one hand on the jug and one on time
He said, I'll bet you a dollar 'gainst this next line.  I said,

CHO: Don't let the sunshine fool you,
     Don't let the bluebirds tool you,
     Don't let the women do you,
     Put your hand in mind.

Oh, advice is fine if you got a mind
To listen to the end that's the time
But the muse'll get you if you don't watch out
And he's equipped to know what it's all about.

Oh, Fannin' street in the afternoon's
An easy way to get a tune
But the hard soap salesmen, he said no dice
When I asked politely for a better price. He said

Well, here's a song for you, child of mine,
I hope you make it through this time.
Get yourself a piece of that rainbow pie;
No reason in the world that you can't get by.

Copyright Guy Clarke

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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