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They Don't Write Them Like that Any More

They Don't Write Them Like that Any More

 And oh, how we could sing, what fun those nights would bring
 Singing for hours on end
 Once we found the key - oh what harmony
 Those drunken voices could blend
 Heart of My Heart, just for a start
 Walkin' My Baby Back Home
 When it comes to an end let's sing it again
 They don't write them like that any more

 Da's drunk again and he's brought lots of men
 And their wives back home from the club
 They've got no beer but you need have no fear
 Tam's gone round the back door of the pub
 Someone's playing a piano as if using a sledgehammer
 Murdering There Goes My Heart
 There's a knock at the door, it's Tam in once more
 Brought the beer, so we're ready to start

 Ma's in the kitchen tryin' to make up a snack
 From the chicken we had this afternoon
 Jack says, Where's the toilet, Ma says, Roon' the back
 By his look - not a minute too soon
 Then a laugh round the whole house: Jack's fell in the coalhouse
 Man, he's as drunk as a neut
 With his face covered black he's not taken aback
 He sings Mammy and the rest follows suit

 Half one in the mornin', Da's started yawnin'
 He's got to be workin' at six
 A bold audience is watchin' while Tony is botchin' (?)
 And missin' an easy card trick (?)
 It's time to go now, he's got somehow
 To get them all to go home
 When you're drunk full of beer the last thing you want to hear
 Is a tune on his paper and comb

This is how Arthur Johnstone from Glasgow sings it on his LP 'Generations of Cha
nge' (1985). The author is given as 'Betts'. I gather it was written in the Stat
es. Does anyone know more about him? And can anyone help with the two expression
s I'm not sure about (see question marks). - Susanne


Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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