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Going Down the River

Going Down the River
from Dr. Smith's Hoss Hair Puller

I had a wife and she was a Quaker
She wouldn't work and the devil couldn't make her

I had a wife and she was a weaver
She wouldn't weave and I wouldn't either

Oh my little girl if you don't do me better
I'll build me a boat and I'll sail down the river

The boat begin to rock and I begin to quiver
Oh my little girl I'm going down the river

Good by wife, good by baby
Good by biscuits sopped in gravy

Better get away, write a little later
I'll come back when I get a little better

Coon Creek's dark and Coon Creek's muddy
I'm so drunk, I can't stand steady

Filename[ DOWNRIVE

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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