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Here's a Dram for the Piper

Here's a Dram for the Piper

 Well, come in me hearty fellows,
 Hang your hats behind the door;
 If you're only filled to bursting,
 Well, there's surely room for more;
 We'll deny the cold of winter;
 We'll have only warmth and cheer,
 As we drink a toast together
 On the threshold of the year.

 CHO:     Here's a dram for the piper,
     Here's a dram for the hall,
     Here's a dram to raise the rafters
     And here's long life to you all,

 Knock the scales from off the bottles;
 Light the fire beneath the still;
 Let it soak us to our elbows,
 As we medicate our ills;
 For the whiskey is forgiving;
 It can wipe the conscience clear;
 As we raise a glass together
 On the tankard of the year.


 Here we tie the knot as lovers;
 Here we drink a toast as friends;
 As we pass along from hand to hand
 In a dance that never ends;
 We'll forget about tomorrow;
 We'll have only warmth and cheer;
 As we gather here together
 At the cradle of the year.

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Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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