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I Dreamed About Mother Last Night

I Dreamed About Mother Last Night

(intro is sung):
I've just been to heaven,
With someone so true,
I dreamed about Momma last night.
She read me the Bible
As she used to do
I dreamed about Momma last night.

She never closed her eyes to sleep
Till we were all in bed
And on party nights till we came home
She always sat and read
We had little thought about it then
For we were young and gay
Just how much Momma worried
When we children were away
We only knew she never slept
While we were out at night
That she waited just to know
That we'd all come home allright

And sometimes when we'd stay away
Till 1, or 2, of 3
It seemed to us that Momma heard
The turning of the key
For always when we'd step inside
She'd call and we'd reply
We were all too young back then
To understand the reason why
Till the last one had returned
She always kept a light
For momma couldn't sleep until
She'd kissed us all good night.
She had to know we were safe
Before she went to rest
For she always feared the world might harm
The ones she loved the best.

Once she said, ""when you are grown
To women and to men,
Perhaps I'll sleep the whole night through
It might be different then""
So it seemed that night and day
We knew our mother's care
For always when we got back home
We found her waiting there.

Then came the day
We were called together 'round her bed
""The children are all with ya now""
The kindly doctor said
Then in her eyes there gleamed again
That old-time tender light
That told that she waited
Just to know we made it home allright
She smiled that old farmiliar smile
And prayed to God to keep
Her children safe from harm throughout the years,
And then she went asleep.

(ending is sung:)
My dream is a treasure
that I'll always keep
I dreamed about Momma last night...

This recitation was recorded in the USA by Hank Williams
Sr, and Red Sovine, and in Ireland by John Kerr, and Larry
Cunningham.  The only version still available is by Larry
Cunningham on a cassette called ""Larry Cunningham and the
Original Mighty Avons Reunion Tape"" Ritz Records Catalogue
#417.  Ritz Records, 5/6 Lombard Street, Dublin 2, Ireland. BO'B

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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