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Dark Eyed Molly

Dark Eyed Molly
(Archie Fisher)

Deep and dark are my true love's eyes,
Blacker still is the winter's turning,
As the sadness of perting proves.
And brighter now is the lantern burning
That lightens my path to love.

No fiddle tune will take the air,
But I will see her swift feet advancing
And the swirl of her long black hair,
Her smiling face and her dark eyes glancing
As we stepped out Blinkbonny Fair.

And if my waiting prove in vain,
Then I will pack and track ever take me.
The long road will ease my pain.
No gem of womankind will make me
E'er whisper love's words again.

For in drink I'll seek good company,
My ears will ring with the tavern's laughter,
And I'll hear not her last sweet sighs.
Then who's to know in the morning after
That I long for her dear dark eyes?

Copyright Archie Fisher

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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