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Drink to the Laddies

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Drink to the Laddies
(Sue West)

cho: Drink to the laddies, in beer or in wine
     Drink to the laddies in whiskey so fine,
     Drink to the laddies in water so clear,
     Oh, drink to the laddies and wish them good cheer.

Drink to the laddies, the great and the small,
Drink to the laddies, the short and the tall
Drink to the laddies, whether curly or bald,
Oh, drink to the laddies for I love them all.

When they are young they are handsome and fine,
When they grow older, they're just like good wine,
When they are ancient and their beards have turned gray
Oh, still they'll delight you, both night and day.

When I was a young maid, my mother, she cries.
"Beware of the laddies and all of their lies,
Beware of the laddies, never heed what they say..."
But she drank to the laddies till her dying day.

Now the laddies will charm you and tell you such lies,
The tell you the truth on the day the pig flies,
But still they are pleasant and so full of play,
So, I'll drink to the laddies till my dying day.

Copyright Sue West 1996

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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