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Drinking With Rosie

Drinking With Rosie

(Try to draw out the last 4 syllables of the 6th line of
each verse.  If you sight read music just imagine it said
 rit. at the 4th last syllable.  If you can manage a Cockney
accent that can be quite effective too.)

cho: Everyone wanted to go drinking with Rosie,
     When Rosie went drinking with me.
     She never had eyes for good looking guys
     I was the apple of her roving spies.
     Everyone wanted to go drinking with Rosie,
     When Rosie went drinking with me.

Ever since I was a nipper I had this here wish
To marry a woman who could drink like a fish.
I'd need no excuses for staying out late
Cause she'd be in an equally 'orrible state.

When I'd hit the beer My Rosie'd hit the gin.
She'd just tip back her head and she'd shovel it in.
And she would sing songs that a girl shouldn't sing.
When Rosie went drinking with me.

Every Saturday night we'd have a good scrub.
And go for a brew down at the pub.
We'd have a few brews and a bit of a croon.
And no one would care if you sang out of tune.
(Sing the word tune off key.)

Now Old Joe's piano was as old as could be.
And the lady wot played it was a hundred and three.
She'd play a handfull of tunes in no particular key.
When Rosie went drinking with me.

Now a fellow once said she should drink from a trough
And in no uncertain way she told him where to get off
After she'd clocked him we counted to ten.
We helped him back up and then she knee'd him again.

That's one thing for Rosie, she done a good job.
Now that gentleman wishes he'd never opened his gob.
She'd take on the whole pub for a couple of bob.
When Rosie went drinking with me.

Lets have another. (Again draw it out like the 6th lines.)
When Rosie went drinking with me."

This version says ""Roving Spies"" I think mince pies is
probably much more accurate if the piece is Cockney rhyming slang.

Copyright Richard Digance

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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