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Doctor Price

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Doctor Price

There was a man called Doctor Price
Who lived on lettuce nuts and rice
He worshipped both the moon and sun
And walked the hills with nothing on.

cho: Saying I don't care a bugger (x3)
     What anybody thinks of me

The randy doctor in his day
Put lots of girls in the family way
His little bastards could be seen
From Pontypool to Pontyclun.

The Nonconformists didn't like
The practices of Doctor Price
They say he wasn't nice to know
He had an enormous libido.

So at the age of eighty eight
The doctor thought he'd take a mate
He married a girl called Gwenllian
And became the father of her son.

A doting dad was Doctor Price
He called the baby 'Jesus Christ'
He wrapped it in a flannel shawl
The bonniest bastard of them all.

But one year later sad to say
The Doctor's baby passed away
So after chapel one dark night
He set the little corpse alight.

The Doctor thought it quite a joke
To watch the kid go up in smoke
He took the ashes with a grin
And kept them in a biscuit tin.

But when the local deacons saw
That Doctor Price had broke the law
They shouted at him 'ach a fi'
And put him under lock and key.

The Doctor told the Magistrate
He didn't care about his fate
'It was the most hygienic way,
I'll be a famous man some day'

The morning that the Doctor died
His children sat at his bedside
He drank a bottle of champagne
And started singing once again.

He told his children in his will
To Burn him on Llantrisant hill
They built a crematorium
And the Doctor went to Kingdom Come.

It's thanks to Doctor William Price
That modern corpses have the choice
To linger in the mouldering clay
Or go up the chimney straight away.

Dr William Price 1800 -1898 was a druid a surgeon a Chartist,
  a lawyer a bard a nudist , a vegetarian and a pioneer of cremation.
  a prominent working class leader and social agitator. The theme
  of the song is totally true.
Song goes to the tune of So Early In the Morning or Keep That
  Wheel A-Turning.


Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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