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Duke of Argyl

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Duke of Argyl

"It's farewell, now, Miss Gordie, I'm now going to leave you
For to cross the wide ocean, I don't mean to deceive you
I'll cross the wide ocean, where the loud cannon rattle
I will venture my life on the broad field of battle."

"I'll dress in men's attire, Alexander, I'll go with you
I'll dress in men's attire, Alexander, I won't leave you
We will boldly fight on, in front line and centre
I'll be true to that call, Alexander, I'll venture."

On the fourteenth we sailed, on the eighteenth we landed
On the banks of Nargyle [the Nile?], where our troops was commanded
Where the bullets did fly, and the loud cannon rattle
The lady's true love he was slain in that battle.

As he fell on the ground, while his sword it lay bleeding
She kissed his pale face, while the tears down was streaming
She picked up his flag, his ensign to carry,
O, she wove it up high in the midst of the valley

The blood it did flow like a stream from the fountain
And many's the brave man there was slain on that mountain
She's a rich lady gay, of high birth and breeding
O, she fought for her king, while her true love lies bleeding

The Duke of Argyle he came courting this lady
Where she's dressed in men's attire, and he's going to salute her
But still she cries "No! Though you are our commander
No man I'll enjoy since I lost Alexander."

DT #811
Laws N1
From Greenleaf, Ballads and Sea Songs of Newfoundland
collected from Daniel Endacott, Sally's Cove, 1921

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