Digital Tradition Mirror

Dover Strand

Dover Strand
(The Kipper Family)

As I was a walkin' along the seaside
Along the shore at Dover strand
I met with a body washed up by the tide
Along the shore a long time ago

I took him to Northrups, the place he was born
And straightly to Southrups, the place he was known

I pulled out his toenails and likewise his teeth
And sent them to Knaptown wrapped up in a leaf

I poked out his eye with a rusty old nail
And emptied his giblets out into a pail

I cut off his legs and likewise his arms
And then I chopped off all his masculine charms
I pulled out his liver, his kidneys as well
Because he was dead, as best I could tell

Copyright Dambuster Records

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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