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Dying Pilot

Dying Pilot

Beside a New Guinea Waterfall
One bright and sunny day
Beside his shattered P-51
A young pursuiter lay.

His parachute hung from a nearby tree
He was not yet quite dead
So listen to the very last words
The young pursuiter said:

"Oh! l'm going to a better land
Where everything is right
Where whisky grows on telegraph poles
Play poker every night.

We haven't got a thing to do
But sit around and sing
Where all our crews are women
Oh! Death where is thy sting?"

Oh death where is thy sting - aling - aling?
Oh death where is thy sting - aling - aling?
The bells of Hell will ring - aling - aling
For you but not for me!

Note: parody of the Dying Hobo (See DYINHOBO)
from There I was...Flat on my Back, Stevens
DT #644

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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