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The Dying Cowboy

The Dying Cowboy

I have a darlin' sister, she's all my joy an' pride,
I loved her from her childhood for I had none else beside,
I've loved her as a brother, an' with a brother's care
I've tried through grief an' sorrow her gentle heart to cheer.

Our country was invaded, they called for volunteers,
She throwed her arms around my neck, regardless of all fears,
Sayin' go my dariin' brother, drive them Indians from our doors,
Our hearthstone needs your presence but our country needs it more.

'Tis true I loved my country, I've give to it my all,
If it was not ior my sister I would be content to fall,
Oh comrades, I am dyin', she'll never see me more,
She vainly waits my comin' at the little cottage door.

My mother she lies sleepin' beneath the church-yard sod,
An' many a day has passed away since her spirit 8ed to God,
My father lies a-sleepin' beneath the dark blue sea,
I have no other kindred, there's none but Nell an' me.

Draw nearer to me, comrades, an' listen to my dyin' prayer,
Who'll be to her a brother, an' shield her with his carei%
Up spol;e the brave young cowboys, in chorus one an' all,
We'll be to her a brother, till the strongest one shall fall.

Then one bright smile of pleasure on the pore boy's face was spread,
One quick convulsive shudder, an' the cowboy he was dead.
Far away from his darlin' sister they laid him down to rest
With a saddle for his pillow an' his rifle on his breast.

A group had gathered round him, all comrades in a fright,
The tears rolled down each manly cheek as he said his last goodnight,
Up spoke the dyin' cowboy, sayin' do not weep for me,
I'm crossin' a dark deep river to a country that is free.

Draw nearer to me, comrades, an' listen to what I say,
I'm goin' to tell a story before I pass away,
Way up in northwest Texas, that good old Lone Star state,
There's one who for my comin' with a weary heart will wait.


Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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