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Dying Soldier or Erin Far Away

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Dying Soldier or Erin Far Away

1 The sun went down on Asia's shores when the deadly  fight was o'er,
 And thousands lay on the battlefield till it could hold  no more.
 The pale moon shone on the battlefield where the  dying soldier lay,
 And the shadows of death around him crept while his  life's blood ebbed away.

 2 A passing comrade heard a moan and quickly the  sufferer found,
 Saying, "Gently lift my aching head from off this cold  damp ground."
 Saying, "Softly, gently, comrade dear; not long with  you I'll stay.
 I will no more roam in my childhood's home in old  Erin far away.

 3 "A lock of my hair I'll leave you bear to my mother  far over the sea,
 And every time that she'd look at it she would fondly  think of me.
 Tell her although on India's shore my mold'ring bones  shall lay,
 That my heart still clings to old Ireland, to old Erin  far away.

 4 "Go tell my sister though years have passed since last  I saw her face,
 Her form is still present in my mind, her features I can  trace;
 Tell her at home I wil
 In those merry green glades and grassy shades in old  Erin far away.

5 "Go tell my brother how nobly we fought, and just  like our fathers, died,
 With bayonets charging on the foe, and scabbards by  our side.
 It nerves my heart to conquer, these Sepoys for to  slay - "
 When a vision so bright rolled over his sight of old  Erin far away.

6 The dying soldier heaved a sigh as he tried to raise his  head.
 His spirit went from this wide, wide world and the  soldier he lay dead.
 His grave was made and in it laid that doom of a  warrior's day,
 Far, far from his home and the friends he loved in old  Erin far away.

7 His comrades gathered around his grave for to take  their last farewell.
 'T is of as brave and true a heart as ever in battle fell.
 And as they lowered him in his grave, his spirit seemed to say,
 I will no more roam in my childhood's home, in old  Erin far away."

DT #827
Laws J7
From Rickaby

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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