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Lindberg, the Eagle of the U.S.A

Lindberg, the Eagle of the U.S.A
(Recorded by Vernon Dahlhart)

Through the cold gray dawn, when the sun had gone,
In his mighty aeroplane;
Flew a youth in search of fame,
High out o'er the raging main.
Like a bird on high, out to do or die
On his journey Over There;
Many million hearts beat with him,
And the whole world said a prayer,

CHO: (for..)
     Lindberg! Oh what a plucky lad was he,
     Lindberg! His name will live in history.
     Over the water, he flew all alone.
     Laughing at fear, and at dangers unknown,
     Others may take this trip across the sea
     Upon some future day,
     But take your hats off to plucky, lucky Lindbergh,
     The eagle of the U.S.A.

Through that long dark night, on his famous flight,
Lindberg stuck right to his post.
Making good his early boast,
As he flew from coast to coast.
In the far-off west, one he loved the best
Breathed a prayer to heav'n above
And she guided him and helped him
With a Mother's Wondrous Love,


Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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