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Early and Fairly

Early and Fairly

Early and fairly the moon shines above,
A' the lads in our town are dying for love,
Especially [Jamie Anderson], for he's the youngest man,
He courts [Helen Simpson] as fast as he can.
He kisses her, he claps her, he ca's her his dear;
And they're to be married before the next year.
Oh! oh! [Helen], don't you be cross,
For you're to be married on a white horse.
[Helen Simpson] lies sick,
Guess ye what'll mend her?
Twenty kisses in a clout,
Which [Jamie Anderson] sends her.
Half an ounce o' green tea,
A pennyworth of pepper,
Take ye that, my bonny dear,
And I hope you'll soon be better.

     Chambers PRS (1847), 273; (1870), 137, "A Courtship
     Dance".  On 9-12, cf. "Cockie-bendie had a wife".


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