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Eleven Thirds

Eleven Thirds

How I try to tell of my love for you
But I cannot find the words
So I say X2 + 7x + 2
Minus eleven thirds, minus eleven thirds

O the poets sing of the sky so blue
and the love songs of the birds
but I sing X2 + 7X + 2
minus eleven thirds, minus eleven thirds

To what Compare thy beauty, what standard could I give
But an unevaluated function and its derivative
But this simple song that I sing to you is devoid of sines and surds
It's merely X2 + 7X + 2 - 11/3, -11/3

NOTE: Development of Lewis Carrol's:
  And what mean all these mysteries to me,
  Whose life is full of indices and surds?
  X2 + 15x + 23
  Equals 11/3!  RG

from singing of Nick Krukovsky

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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