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Poor Ellen Smith

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Poor Ellen Smith

Poor Ellen Smith, how was she found?
Shot thru the heart lying cold on the ground

Blood began to fly, blood began to run
They shot my poor sweetheart with a 44 gun

Saw her on a Monday before than sad day
They found her poor body and took it away

Who had the heart, who had the face
To murder my sweetheart in this lonely place

Oh I stayed out six months and prayed all the time
They might find the one that committed the crime

So I could go back and my character save
Though flowers have faded on sweet Ellen's grave
Now I'm in jail and God knows it's hard
While my sweetheart sleeps calm in the lonesome graveyard

Now I'm in jail, a prisoner am I now
But God is here with me and hears every vow

I didn't love little Ellen to make her my wife
But I loved her too dear than to take her dear life

The jury will hang me, that is if they can
But God knows that I am an innocent man

Recorded by Hobart Smith, Molly O'Day
DT #629
Laws F11

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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