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Erin's Green Shore (2)

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Erin's Green Shore (2)

One evening so late as I rambled
On the banks of a clear purling stream,
I sat down on a bank of primroses,
And so gently fell into a dream.
     I dreamed I beheld a fair female
     Her equal I ne'er saw before,
     As she sighed for the wrongs of her country
     As she strolled along Erin's green shore.

I quickly addressed this fair female,
"My jewel, come tell me your name,
For in this country I know you're a stranger
Or I would not have asked you the same."
     She resembled the goddess of liberty
     And of freedom, the mantle she wore
     As she sighed for the wrongs of her country
     As she strayed along Erin's green shore.
"I know you're a true son to Granne,
And my secrets to you I'll unfold,
For here in the midst of all dangers
Not knowing my friends from my foes.
     I'm the daughter of Daniel O'Connell
     And from England I lately come o'er,
     I've come to awaken my brethren
     That slumber on Erin's green shore."

Her eyes were like two sparkling diamonds
Or the stars of a cold frosty night;
Her cheeks were two blooming roses
And her teeth of the ivory so white.
     She resembled the goddess of freedom,
     And green was the mantle she wore,
     Bound round with the shamrock and roses
     That grew along Erin's green shore.

Collected from Pearl Nye
DT #535
Laws Q27

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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