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The Loss of the Evelyn Marie

The Loss of the Evelyn Marie

It's mournful to tell you a story so sad.
It's about a new trawler and the equipment she had.
It was fitted with rudder and lifeboats for the sea.
It was blessed for the ocean, the Evelyn Marie.

There were six gallant fishermen, men of the sea,
Qualified skippers, her nets to set free.
They'd fish the wild ocean in every degree
In this beautiful trawler, the Evelyn Marie.

They fished the wild ocean, North, East, and West.
They sold off their catches at the port that was best.
And then they were happy going right back to sea
In this beautiful trawler, the Evelyn Marie.

They guided this trawler for one year and some days.
What ill fate befell them within the freak waves?
A call to their comrades, "Mayday at the sea.
Assist us this moment with the Evelyn Marie."

"Assistance now coming - Summer Star and its crew."
Saying, "With God's help we'll make it, your trawler is new."
A disaster it was then. They just saw her stern
As she sank near the rocks outside Rathlin O'Beirne.

Come all you good people, I ask one and all:
Pray for the fishermen who are off Donegal.
Pray for the six skippers who are lost out at sea
In the ill-fated trawler, the Evelyn Marie.


Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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