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The Exciseman in a Coal Pit

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The Exciseman in a Coal Pit

I know that young folk Ilke to hear a new song
Of something that's funny and not very long
Concerning an exciseman, the truth I will tell
Who thought one night was landed in hell.

cho: And sing Fal de dal day sal dadie i-doo

The exciscman went out for to look for his prey
He met two or three smugglers upon the highway
And gauging there liquors they had got to sell
The exciseman got drunk for the truth I will tell.

He got so drunk that he fell to the ground
And like a fat sow he was forccd to lie down
Just nigh to a coal pit the exciselnan did lie
When four or five colliers by chance passed by.

They shouldered him up and they carried him away
Like a pedler's pack, without any delay
And into a bucket they handed him down,
This jolly exciseman they got underground.

The exciseman awoke in a terrible fear
Up started a collier, says "What brought you here?"
"Indeed Mr. Devil I don't very well know
But I think I am come to regions below."

"O what was you then in the world abovc?"
"O I was a gauger, and few did me love
But indeed Mr. Devil the truth I will tell
For since I've got here I shall be what you will."

"O then said the collier "it's here ye'll remain
Ye'll never get out of this dark cell again
For the gates they are shut and they'll bind you secure
All this you must suffcr for robbing the poor."

"O Mr. Devil have pity on me
I'll ne'er go a-robbing the poor ye shall see
If you would look over as you've done hefore
I'll ne'er go a-robbing the poor any more."

"Then give us a guinea to drink with demand
Before ye get back to a Christian land"
"O yes Mr. Devil," the gauger did say
"For I long to get back to see the light of day."

From The Grieg-Duncan Folk Song Collection

Thanks to Mudcat for the Digital Tradition!

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