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The Wreck of the Exxon Valdez

The Wreck of the Exxon Valdez
(Geoff Bartley)

In 89 I sailed on board, a tanker in Prince William's sound
I gave warning from the bridges wing, on the night we ran aground

cho:      Oh I've been away it's a sorry tale
     I'll tell my (....?)
     I'm a native of these stromy seas,
     Who's (hit ?) hard ground by the wreck Valdez

The pipeline taps the north slope, 800 miles from Beaufort Bay
Through nickle steel poured in Japan, 2 million days every day

Our ship was fresh pumped full of crude, near a 1000 feet & laid in style
From 15 knots you could shut her down, she'd drift a good 10 miles

I don't know how we strayed off course when red lights to starboard
I could see
And besides Sat/Nav & twin radars there's Cats 2 & Loran C (these are
     all electronic navigational systems)

And as the monster struck Bligh Reef the mate had failed to swing her round
The gentle nudge that riped her clean sent that oil into the sound

And now yes the judge was not prepared with (disperson?) booms (ready cruise?)
And a slick the size of Rhode Island spread for every day that we did lose

I cannot help but love the land but we're treating her like our young whore
When the eagles & the fish lie heaped all along the blackened shore

And now we just pay more for fuel the cost has been pasted down we learn
And the helpless anger that I feel, it could make these waters burn


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